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Great food and lovely drinks for every budget.

Our event menus are curated from years of experience successfully catering to events, weddings and gatherings of all sizes. Offering a wide assortment of delectable items from small canapés and platters, to hearty buffets, to luxurious plated dinners with premium ingredients, our chefs are experts at serving up a wonderful and memorable meal during your event.

Our kitchen is also able to source dietary meals (including Halal-certified meals) by special request, from reputable suppliers in Singapore.

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Your Journey

Our tried-and-tested event planning journey ensures you plan the best possible event, with all of your needs met by our friendly team.


With premium speakers, microphones and ultra-high-definition TVs, our space is equipped for every sort of event.

Our Spaces

Choose from two spacious, well equipped rooms for your event - or combine them for an expansive yet intimate event room.

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Fill in our event enquiry form with all the information available, and receive a response within the working day.

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