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A full audio/visual experience for your event

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Free Guest WiFi

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Wireless Microphones

High-quality Audio System

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Music and visuals are an increasingly essential part of every modern event. Our audio/visual provision reflects this - offering a flexible and high quality A/V system, with a range of setups and configuration options enabling a number of different event types and catering to a range of budgets.

Our A/V pricing is highly competitive with external vendors, and by keeping the A/V in house, we reduce the number of contacts you need to manage for your event.

Visual Content

For visual content playback, our 4K UHDs TVs provide a bright and clear viewing experience for all guests.

All TVs are centrally connected, and receive signal via HDMI. Your device can be positioned in front of your guests for speeches, or hidden away in a side control area, out of view.


Our event audio system is suitable for all events in our main restaurant, bar room, or combined whole space.

We have up to 4 handheld wireless microphones, 4 wireless lavalier/lapel microphones, and additional wired microphones. We can also support the audio needs of small live bands and DJs.

We are able to support events with specific A/V production needs, for example assisting with the playback of videos and music to a timetabled run plan, or facilitating the audio needs of a panel discussion.

Internet Access

Our restaurant is equipped with free WiFi, with an average speed of 50Mbps. If required, bandwidth can be reserved for priority users, e.g. a laptop being used to stream for an event Zoom call.

Other A/V Equipment

From lighting to video streaming, we can arrange any other extra equipment you may require for your event - please get in touch so we can discuss your exact requirements and help you plan you perfect ceremony!

Choose your next stop

Your Journey

Our tried-and-tested event planning journey ensures you plan the best possible event, with all of your needs met by our friendly team.

Our Spaces

Choose from two spacious, well equipped rooms for your event - or combine them for an expansive yet intimate event room.

Food & Drinks

Our events menu is truly tried and tested, offering a plethora of tasty dishes and quality beverages suitable for any occasion.

Enquire Now

Fill in our event enquiry form with all the information available, and receive a response within the working day.

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