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About The Masons Table

Our Story

The Masons Table opened its doors in 2018, welcoming diners and guests to the hallowed spaces of Singapore's storied and revered Masonic Hall.

Taking inspiration from the building's colonial past and the nations of the Masonic Lodges in Singapore, our menu is decidedly pan-European, and is influenced by the delightful flavours of French, Italian, British and Mediterranean cuisines. This is set amongst a timelessly elegant yet casual atmosphere: offering ideal surroundings for every sort of occasion.

We are part of the Victus Group Asia family; our group's first restaurant in Singapore's bustling Civic District, The Masons Table is the latest chapter in a decade-long journey of place-making and concept-creating in Singapore's exciting F&B sector.


About the building.

We are the latest resident of the storied Freemasons Hall, situated behind the Central Fire Station, on the foot of Fort Canning Hill, and surrounded by rich history and nature. Though we 

Once revered by locals for its secrecy, the building has long hosted tenants on its ground floor, and our space is now freely accessible to all. We welcome you to dine in or host an event with us, and explore our restaurant!

"The Masonic Hall of Singapore, at 23A Coleman Street, was designed by Thomas A Cargill, a municipal engineer and a Freemason. The foundation stone of the Masonic Hall was laid in April 1879. The building was consecrated on 27 December later that year.

- From "Masonic Hall" by Vernon Cornelius-Takahama, Singapore Infopedia

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"This English Renaissance building was completed as a Masonic Lodge for the freemasons in Singapore. Freemasonry first started in Singapore in 1845, and Masonic meetings were held at various locations prior to the completion of this building. For many years, the building was known as rumah hantu, or “haunted house”, as few knew of the activities and ceremonies that were held in this exclusive clubhouse."

- From "Bras Basah Bugis" by Lostnfiledsg

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