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Asparagus and smoked salmon with poached egg and Hollandaise sauce at The Masons Table

Great food and lovely drinks for every budget.

Our event menus are curated from years of experience successfully catering to events, weddings and gatherings of all sizes. Offering a wide assortment of delectable items from small canapés and platters, to hearty buffets, to luxurious plated dinners with premium ingredients, our chefs are experts at serving up a wonderful and memorable meal during your event.

Our kitchen is also able to source dietary meals (including Halal-certified meals) by special request, from reputable suppliers in Singapore.

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Grilled chicken main course at The Masons Table


Plated service or buffet - the choice is yours.



We can source meals that meet Halal/dietary needs.

A selection of gourmet cheeses at The Masons Table

Canapés & Snacks

Tasty morsels, or big platters - perfect for any event.

Wine glasses at The Masons Table


A wide range of international (non-)alcoholic drinks.

Meet our signature Beef Bourguignon.

A rich, warming and highly satisfying dish, our Signature Beef Bourguignon (Bœuf Bourgignon in French) is one of our kitchen's secret recipes, and one of our all-time favourite dishes.

A tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef cut is slowly and lovingly braised in aromatic spices and a red wine based stock, over a number of hours. Cooked to perfection, it rests and soaks up the flavour, before being served with a rich creamy mashed potato and vegetables. Yum!

Beef Bourguignon at The Masons Table, a European restaurant in Singapore.
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