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Guests watch the hosts of an event conducting a charity auction at The Masons Table

Other facilities for your event

Whichever space or room you have chosen for your event, our venue offers a range of other facilities to make your event possible. Some facilities are subject to availability, and the use of some facilities may be chargeable depending on your package.

Explore our features

Entrance archway of the Masonic Hall building, 23A Coleman Street Singapore

Entrance Hall

A natural entry point for every event, our entrance foyer has ample room for registration tables, displays of branded items, wedding photos, guestbooks and other mementos.

Non-exclusive events in our Bar Room will have access to an alternative welcome area subject to space requirements.

Image by Thomas Lefebvre

The Green Room

The Green Room is a comfortable, air-conditioned room. Fitted with a small table and comfortable chairs, the room is great for makeup or bridal dress changes, and can also be used for breakaway meetings, back-office support, and other uses away from the main event.

Wheelchair Icon

Handicapped Parking and Lift

Special parking permission for persons with disabilities can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, subject to landlord approval and prior registration. The building is equipped with a wheelchair platform lift at the rear.


Smoking Area

Our designated smoking area is situated at the front of the building shielded under the main archway. The space is separate from other guests, and is equipped with ashtrays and lighting.

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